Business Law

Do You Need to Establish a New Business to Transform an Existing Business into Another Entity?

A multitude of business entities are available, but are you having trouble selecting which one will best serve you?

Are you looking for personal liability protection, favorable tax breaks, operations control, but are unsure of the differences between competing entities, such as an LLC or an S-Corp?

If so, I am here to assist you by educating you on the main differences between the available business entities, highlighting the benefits and consequences of each, and conducting all the necessary prerequisite “leg-work” so you can solely focus on making your business grow.

Do You Require a Formal Contract?

Are you looking to formalize a service agreement with someone and would like assistance in ensuring the terms of the agreement are legally binding?

Do you have substantial assets and would like assistance in protecting these assets prior to an upcoming marriage?

Are you new to a business venture and would like help in ensuring the boilerplate agreements you purchased from the local office supply store are sufficient for your particular use?

Do you believe someone has breached an agreement with you require assistance in enforcing the terms of the agreement?

If so, I am here to assist you in all stages of the contract – from its formation, to each party’s performance (or non-performance), and everything in between.

Frequent Business Law Services:

Legal Entity Formation

Service includes a consultation to acclimate myself with your business goals and to determine which entity (Sole Proprietorship, C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, Partnership, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, etc.) will best achieve those goals, taking into consideration practical applications, tax consequences, and legal issues; completing and filing of any necessary forms to the appropriate agency; drafting bylaws, operating agreements, or other necessary documents so you may operate your business; obtaining a Federal Identification Number (if appropriate) for tax and banking purposes; and obtaining a Fictitious Business Name (if appropriate).

Document/Contract Drafting

Examples of documents to be drafted include, but is not limited to: service agreements, sale of goods, pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, promissory agreements.

Document/Contract Review

Service include a comprehensive and thorough review of any client-produced contractual agreement. Includes advice on document’s legality, enforceability, highlighting terms favorable to client, highlighting terms unfavorable to client, legal consequences for breach by either party, and available remedies in case of breach.


Service includes consultation to determine goals/interests and a personal appearance with opposing party to help client achieve the desired goals and interests.

Breach of Contract Representation 

Service includes initial court filings and appearances to any court or alternative dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration, settlement conference) hearings.

Breach of Contract Defense Representation

Service includes court filings of necessary documents and any appearances to any court or alternative dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration, settlement conference) hearings.


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