Flat-Fee Rates

Most of our legal fees are based on flat rates, especially if you are a returning client. Per California law, any attorney fee requiring more than $1000.00 in services, will need a signed written agreement before any work can commence.

Because every circumstance is different, we will need to discern your particular issues and goals to provide a specific quote for our services. The best way to achieve this is to call us at 619-810-4644 for a complimentary, initial phone consultation.

Below is a list of common flat rate services we provide (not including costs):

  • Consultations
    • Initial phone consultation (30 minutes; any issue) = complimentary;
    • Initial in-office consultation (1 hour; estate planning services only) = complimentary;
    • In-office consultation (30 minutes; including review of any documentation for any issue) = $175.00; $100.00 every 1/2 hour thereafter;
  • Real Estate
    • Unlawful Detainer representation (landlord) = starting at $1250.00;
    • Unlawful Detainer representation (tenant) = starting at $1000.00
    • Real Estate transfers = $275.00 per property;
    • Drafting of demand letter = starting at $500.00;
  • Business
    • Establishing business entity = starting at $500.00;
  • Contracts
    • Contract drafting = starting at $350.00 per contract
  • Estate Planning
    • Comprehensive estate plan = starting at $3250.00;
    • Drafting ancillary documents to estate plan = starting at $275.00 per document;
    • Review of existing estate plan = $300.00
  • Miscellaneous 
    • Small Claims matters = starting at $1000.00;
    • Travel fee = starting at $150.00;
    • In-office notarizations = $15.00 per signature

Hourly Rates and Retainer

Our hourly rates range from $295.00 – $350.00, depending on the particular legal issue involved.

For representation falling outside our flat fee rates, we require a retainer to be deposited into our client trust account before work is conducted. Once we begin the representation, our hourly rate, as well as any costs associated, will be deducted from this retainer. If funds remain after the representation, you will receive the balance; if the retainer is depleted before representations concludes, it will need to be replenished before we can continue with our services. Depending on the legal issue involved, our retainers begin at $2000.00.

For new clients, we will require a retainer, in addition to a signed retainer agreement, prior to engaging in any legal work.

For existing clients, we will begin working on your matter as soon as we receive the proper information from you; we will then bill you for our fees and any associated costs incurred.


For more information, please contact us at 619-810-4644.

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