Real Estate


Landlord Representation

Unlawful Detainers (Evictions)

Drafting and serving necessary documents to tenants to begin eviction process; filing appropriate court documents in the event tenant does not vacate; court appearances in case tenant disputes eviction; post-judgment actions in enforcing money judgment

Landlord Representation

Retainer fee service includes availability to answer any legal questions in order to steer landlords away from potential liability

Special Landlord Document Packet

Specifically drafted documents essential for every landlord


Tenant Representation

Unlawful Detainer Defense

Service includes: drafting, serving, and filing appropriate court documents in response to unlawful detainer action by landlord; negotiating on behalf of tenant to either remain on premises or provide advice on how to vacate premises without eviction on tenant’s record.

Tenant Representation (Non-evitction cases)

Services includes security deposit disputes, habitability issues, fair housing discrimination, and retaliatory evictions



Document Drafting 

Examples of documents to be drafted include, but is not limited to: month-to-month rental agreements, fixed-term leases, lease to purchase agreements, abandonment notices, notice of right to reclaim personal property, notices to pay rent or quit, notices to cure breach or quit, rules and policies

Document Review

Review of any client-produced real estate document. Includes advice on its legality, enforceability, highlighting terms favorable to client, highlighting terms unfavorable to client, legal consequences for breach by either party, and addressing available remedies for breach



Transfer of Real Property

Service includes drafting necessary deeds and recording instrument to local Recorder’s Office.


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