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I have known Mark for almost a couple decades now and he has been a man of integrity, insight, perseverance and humility! I was fortunate to have his help and guidance during an exceptionally difficult time in my and my family's life! Mark has been very reliable and excellent legal counsel for everything he does. I am so grateful he has so much experience with real estate and its complex codes and laws and look forward to planning my will and estate with him. I trust him explicitly for anything regarding my most precious blessings.

Excellent representation of a Real Estate issue I had. Mark was informative on the subject matter, explained the law in a manner I understood, and was always keeping me informed on its progress. The best thing about this experience was that he always returned by calls and emails in a timely manner.

Like most people I dreaded the thought of having to retain an attorney. Unfortunately, my landlords' aggressive, un-professional conduct put me in a position where I needed a lawyer to protect my rights. Mark quickly calmed my fears and within a couple of days was able to get my landlords to cease and desist their harassment.

Mark was not only polite and professional but also very patient as he answered all my questions and concerns regarding estate planning. He explained everything to me in a way that I could easily comprehend and made helpful recommendations. When I had further questions, he would return my calls in a timely manner. I feel more than comfortable having him handle my estate planning and feel confident that I am in good hands.

I don't what I could say that is anything other than a compliment toward the services offered by Mr. Mark Ignacio. He has been helping me on two separate occasions, and has always been professional, courteous, and even laughs at my horrible sense of humor (this something very novel, as not many people find anything I say funny). His prices are certainly on the higher end of the spectrum, but the level of service and commitment you get is second-to-none, and is worth every penny. Mr. Ignacio never nickel-and-dimed me for every moment of legal service (which is a great addition), and when he resumed in representing me and the issues I was having, he just got right to work. Mr. Ignacio, is diligent, hard-working, a fantastic attorney. If you need legal assistance with anything, within his practice areas, give him a call! You won't be disappointed, and I wouldn't be surprised if another several reviews like this one pop up complimenting Mr. Ignacio for the fantastic work he has done. Thank you, Mr. Ignacio. I sincerely appreciate all your help and time throughout the mess I have been battling.

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